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Organizational Design & Structure

Hi-Wire HR Consulting

Organizational Design & Structure is focused on ensuring your business is first designed and second structured to support your strategy. You need the right roles (jobs) to support the strategy and then you want the right employees to fill those roles. Often, we get the process backward and think about the people (who we have and what can they do) before the strategy (what the business needs to accomplish). This leads to roles being designed around people and their capabilities, leaving the organization confused about how to get to their ultimate destination. Hi-Wire HR can help you by setting the foundation (values) and building upon such with your purpose (mission and vision), then identifying the strategy (what success looks like and how to accomplish such), and finally, the staffing to support your strategy (what roles are required, how do departments contribute, how do individuals contribute). At Hi-Wire, we offer a range of HR Strategies and Support for Small Businesses, including Org Design and Structure.


  • Values, Mission, Vision Development
  • People Resources Strategy (the right roles for the established strategy)
  • Organizational Charts


  • Job Scope Development
  • Employee Handbook
  • Compensation Program Development
  • Performance Management Program Development
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Strategies and Processes
  • Diversity Recruitment Program
  • Veterans Recruitment Program

HR Management

Our Human Resources Management Plan for Small Businesses includes the following;

  • Compensation Studies/Benchmarking
  • Corrective Action (review, recommendations, documentation)
  • Employee Engagement/Retention Assessment and Recommendations
  • Employee Handbook Review/Revisions
  • Employee Training Plan
  • Independent Workplace Investigations
  • Job Scope Review/Revisions
  • New Employee On-boarding Program
  • Off-boarding Process
  • Performance Management
  • Policy Development/Revisions
  • Recruitment Interviews
  • Succession Planning
Human Resources Plan for Small Business

Labor Relations

Collective Bargaining

  • Review, translate, and advise on negotiation strategy.
  • Interpret provisions of Collective Bargaining Agreements and provide training to management.


  • Review complaints or grievances; perform fact-finding and advise management on the preparation of grievance resolution.
Human Resource Management Consultancy Services


  • Peer to Leader (P2L)
  • Compliance for HR Staff and/or Leaders
  • Anti-Harassment – Employee Edition
  • Performance Management
  • And more…
HR Service Consultant

Consultant Retainer

  • Advice when you need it

And more

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